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Best Apps Similar to Virtual DJ

Best Apps Similar to Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a DJ mixing software that has a clean and simple interface. It has a huge library of audio effects that can be applied to songs to generate a unique sound. It also has a grid interface that allows the DJ to see what songs are playing and when the next song will be introduced.


BeatPad is a powerful music making app for iPhone and iPad. It's a sketchpad for beats, a fully-featured DJ mixer, a live-performance instrument with a massive sound library, a songwriter's production studio, and a live stage performer's toolbox. With BeatPad, you can create a beat from scratch, mix together samples from the huge sound library, and mix using four turntables to scratch and mix like a pro. You can also export your songs and share them on SoundCloud.

Korg Gadget

Korg Gadget is an innovative new music production app for iPhone and iPad. It's a complete synthesizer, drum machine, and sequencer, and includes a wide range of popular and cutting-edge synthesizer and drum machine sounds. You can also create songs by layering beats and melodies, and you can use the powerful editing tools to turn your ideas into reality. With Korg Gadget you can create songs and performances that stand out from the crowd.


MixVibes is a complete DJ solution for iPhone and iPad. Play and mix your songs, scratch and juggle samples, and mix like a pro with the turntable interface. You can also manage your song library and create playlists.


LiveMix is a live DJ mixing app that allows you to mix songs and play them on the spot. You can also change the tempo of your songs and add effects to them.


ZAPPIN is an app with a lot of free music. You can find songs from all different genres and with all different BPMs. It also has a music discovery feature that allows you to find new songs to mix.

06 Nov 2023