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  • Developer: Atomix Productions
  • Genre: Music software
  • Version: 6156
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Release Date
Jul 01, 2003
Atomix Productions
Atomix Productions
Music software
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Virtual DJ Your First Step for DJ Place

Maximus Winters

Virtual DJ is a widely popular application that allows users to mix and remix songs, create their own playlists, create, perform live sets, more. It has a wide variety of features which distinguishes it from other DJ applications. Application is a digital DJing software that allows you to mix and play music. It does not come with a built-in library like iTunes and Spotify, but there are other ways to use it. Software Virtual DJ installer lets you play and mix music from your computer and from an external USB disk; it lets you prepare your playlists and import them. Application offers a professional, customizable interfacial that is intuitive to use, which simplifies process of DJing for beginners or professionals alike. It has ability to mix an unlimited number of songs, on any computer running on Windows, Mac, or Linux. User-friendly features on free Virtual DJ include on-screen access to an array of on-screen controls, which are accessible on any platform.


Product Virtual DJ download for Windows has a unique interface which is easy to use for beginners and pros alike. Interface is composed of two main parts- main window, control window. Main window displays the content of the selected track, while control window displays the effects, which can be added or edited, song queue. Control window displays the pre-loaded effects, which can be activated through the effects button. One of the things that makes Virtual DJ app download unique is its interface. It is designed to be like a DJ mixing console. It provides a large, clear, clean interface to make the process of mixing and playing music as easy as possible. VirtualDJ features a very clear interfacial that is easy to navigate on. Layout on the left of screen shows the tracks that are playing, ones that are queued up, ones that are available. Layout on right of screen is where DJ can adjust sound, effects, tempo, pitch, more. Virtual DJ's interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. The user interface is well-organized and intuitive. There are two types of DJ interfaces: "DJ Console", "Standard" interface. The DJ Console is a simplified interfacial that features a large central display with controls and a small display on the left with the current song's information. DJ Console's layout is similar to a traditional DJ deck, is best for those who are new to DJing. Standard interfacial is for those who are more experienced with DJing and those who prefer a more traditional interface. Standard interface has a list of all the songs and the current song at the top and controls and displays below.


Usability of Virtual DJ free download PC is easy for beginners, pros alike. The interface is easy to understand and has a wide variety of features. Software is responsive and easy to use on all types of devices. It has many features that are easy to understand. The only downside of VirtualDJ is that it does not have a very large library of songs that can be used.


Software Virtual DJ download free has a wide variety features which extends its functionality. Application allows you to mix and remix songs, create your own playlists, create and perform live sets, more. Application has touch control, allowing users to control application through their device. Includes a library of over 3500 samples, 800 sounds, loops, beats, and over 1000 videos to make it easy for DJs and music producers to create music. It makes it easy to use by displaying a number of different options on screen, including keyboard shortcuts and a live preview of the audio.


Website has many resources, tutorials, videos on how to use the application. It has a live chat feature which allows you to chat with download Virtual DJ free team, who are always willing to answer any questions users may have.


  • Is the info I enter on the application secure?
    Yes. All data is encrypted.
  • What is Virtual DJ?
    Is a DJ software for mixing and playing music with an emphasis on beatmatching and crossfading. It is a multi-award winning DJ software and market leader in DJ software for PC and Mac.
  • What can I do with install Virtual DJ?
    Mix songs from a wide range of music genres, add hot cues, loops, and record mixes in a clean user interface with a large variety of editing options.
  • What can I use Virtual DJ for?
    DJ your parties at home, work, or club.


Virtual DJ is one of most popular DJ applications on market, with a wide variety of features. Virtual DJ Windows can be used on all types of devices, with a responsive interface. Users are provided with a wide variety of resources, tutorials,videos to learn how to use application.


  • Interface is very user-friendly;
  • It is easy to generate a song list;
  • It’s a great tool for DJing;
  • It can be used to create a playlist for a party;
  • It’s a great tool for a house party.


  • The app can be a little bit buggy;
  • It can be difficult to find certain songs;
  • The app is not very intuitive.

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